Application of Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod

Application of Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod Picture

Of particular importance to ordnance applications are the properties of tensile strength and ductility. Tensile strength is required for alloys used in kinetic energy penetrator designed to defeat multiple space armor. The higher the tensile strength,the deeper the armor rod penetrating under the same conditions. Besides sufficient strength the penetrator rod must remain ductile enough to endure flexure when hitting on the armor without fracture and endure greater cold working deformation to further improve strength.So,one type of material which with high tensile strength and good ductility is desirable for making the penetrator rod,such as tungsten alloy material.

Tungsten alloy is a particle composite which contains a very large percentage of nearly spherical tungsten particles embedded in a ductile matrix of nickel -iron. This composite structure results in a high density material with a useful combination of mechani-cal properties: high strength, moderate, ductility and outstanding thermal conductivity.

Tungsten alloy swaging rod made of tungsten alloy blank also possess the properties the tungsten alloy has.And tungsten alloy swaging rod has been improved the properties of tensile strength through swaging maching.The properties above make tungsten alloy swaging rod an attractive for many military and civil applications, such as depleted uranium penetrators, bullet, armor piercing, rifle bullet, snipe rifle penetrator and so on.

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